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14th May 2018


Given the overwhelmingly positive vibes felt throughout the day and with the stellar club cars in attendance, many found it hard to believe that May 12th’s Pure Ford show was just the second instalment of this already well-established Ford-focused event.


Celebrating all cars that sport the infamous blue oval, the show held at Wiltshire’s Castle Combe Circuit boasted an unbeatable array of Fords from throughout the ages, with attractions both on and off the circuit keeping show-goers inspired all day long.


On the track itself, the public Ford-only track time reminded us just why these cars have developed such a great name for themselves in the world of motorsport throughout recent decades. This was broken up with spectacular drifting demonstrations from the professionals in the afternoon, where the drivers made the most of their RWD Escorts and Sierras to kick up plenty of smoke for the awe-inspired crowds.


Also out on the circuit, clubs took advantage of exclusive parade sessions to show off their metal in motion, whilst a fleet of pro drivers offered up white-knuckle rides in some track-prepared Fords for those who prefer the passenger seat to get their kicks.


Equally as enthralling were the raft of competitions taking place in the circuit’s static paddock areas. Starting things off, the Show and Shine event showcased some of the very best owner cars around, with the judges eventually choosing their top 3 in the afternoon. There was a distinct theme of classic Escorts throughout the winners this year, with Adam Bowler receiving 3rd place in his motorsport-inspired Mk3 Escort RS Turbo, Steve Gibson securing 2nd in his wide-arched, Cosworth-powered Mk1 Escort, and the overall winner coming in in the form of Sean Forde’s stunningly original Mk1 Escort 1300 Sport.

Then it was over to an attraction exclusive to Pure Ford: the Ultimate Concours display. Featuring only the very finest, meticulously-maintained Fords in the entire country, there were no less than 13 trophies dished out well-deserved owners here, culminating with Robert Strickland who took the Overall Winner prize with his factory-fresh Escort Cosworth.


But of course, the heart of any Castle Combe Action Day is the sea of fantastic specialist clubs that descend to the venue with their incredible machinery, and this year, the hundreds of cars in attendance certainly did not disappoint! Between the 60 clubs on-hand, three awards were given out this year – with Small Club of the Show given to Northants RSOC, Large Club of the Show going to Ford Mania, and Overall Club of the Show eventually handed over to Welsh Ford – a group which showed off a stunning, eclectic mix of vehicles.

Then it was just the coveted Car of the Show award to present. Always given to a stand-out build that’s likely to stick in show-goers’ heads longer than most, it was Chris Williams and his formidable Capri ‘Widowmaker’ who finally took this prestigious prize. Built by TV’s Goblin Works Garage and featuring a 2017 Mustang Coyote V8 engine, this unique project with its retro hot-rod styling was never short of a huge crowd!


Were you at Pure Ford? Check out a full gallery with images available to purchase here:


Another incredibly successful instalment of an already popular event, stay tuned for details on Pure Ford 2019. We’ll see you there…